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Johnny Yancoulis is just the guy. With years of fishing experience all over Canada. Let us make your next trip memorable for the right reasons

Combining knowledge, experience and gear Johnny has everything you could possibly need to get out on the water and catch that big fish. Scale Bending Adventures is proud to offer guiding fishing packages all over Ontario.



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Scale Bending Adventures is happily associated with Pure Fishing. For more information on Pure Fishing and their amazing gear and brands like Abu Garcia®, Shakespeare®, Spiderwire® and Berkley® click below.


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Happily offering fishing packages based around our tournament schedule. We get to know the tournament area and you capitalize on a great fishing experience. Its a win-win. For tournament dates see our interactive map.


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For a list of services we offer such as guided fishing, hunting, media development, second hand gear and the associated prices please click below. Have a special request? We offer customization to suit any individual or group.